Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Working on Business Plan

Ugh, not fun, but necessary -- I'm working on my business plan to present to the loan board. Basically, it helps me outline exactly what the business would be and it helps me to see any areas I may have overlooked. So far I hadn't missed much.

The caboose owner is checking into cheaper ways of running electricity and plumbing to the caboose. I sure hope he finds something! Talk about pricey!

Meanwhile, I continue to clean the caboose up (amazing amounts of dust have accumulated in there) in preparation for painting and building.

I researched Burlington Northern cabooses today and found they came in several colors -- hospital green with bright yellow trim, bright green with bright yellow trim, gunmetal gray, and red with yellow trim.

I wish I could paint it burgundy with hunter green trim (or vice-versa) or hunter green with tan trim, but it needs to be bright enough to catch the eye of those driving over the railroad overpass so they can see it before they need to decide which direction to go as they come off the overpass.

So, it may end up being hunter green with bright yellow or butter yellow trim, or red with yellow trim. Inside it will look like an art gallery with cream colored walls and a dark floor. Art and photography will decorate the walls and jewelry will be displayed in cabinets and on shelves.

There will be a flower and rock garden out front and hanging plants on the landings.

I want the place to be noticeable, but very classy.

Mainly, I want it to be functional and full of all the tools I need to repair jewelry and to design and create custom jewelry.

Located at the intersection of highways 2 and 83, anyone passing through the state east/west or north/south will have to pass by this caboose. The possibilities for tourist traffic are high. Cross advertising with the local art gallery will direct people to the "fine arts" offered by a tiny town in the Sandhills of Nebraska and will most likely surprise them immensely.

Okay, enough dreaming, time to finish this business plan!

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