Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loan application updated

Okay, I've got my loan application updated and sent in. Now, if we can just get this loan to go through, I will be in business (literally). I really hope this goes through, because I have so much time and hope invested already, that it will break my heart to not be able to make a go of this. I have dreamed of this shop for years. I have so much to offer the community through my repairs and custom jewelry (not to mention watch batteries), and perhaps I could even (hope of hopes) make a little money to help the family out.

PMC creations, stone necklace and earring sets, prismacolor painting jewelry, wire wrap jewelry, fine jewelry, metalsmith jewelry, art, photography, etc... oh the possibilities are endless!

I've been praying about this for months already -- I just hope God and I are on the same page -- if not, I may have to put my dreams on hold or give them up altogether.

My new tutorials have not been posted yet, but I do have two tutorials available at

Better get the bed made and go to sleep.

Keep those creative juices flowing!



  1. Best of lucky with the loan Dawn! - Kris

  2. Thanks Kris! I need it -- and I need even more luck getting this thing ship shape (and plumbed and wired) so I can set up shop!