Saturday, May 16, 2009

I made it into a treasury on Etsy! Cool!

I made it into a treasury on Etsy -- one of my mule deer photos is featured here: http://http// thanks to Bellasweetboutique, a fellow Nebraska Etsyan. She also featured my friend Marcia Shelton, how cool is that?

Still working on the business plan -- just about done with the rough draft though. This is a good thing because it definitely makes me look at things to make sure I have thought everything through and I am not just jumping into something I am not ready to handle.

I was able to answer all the questions, so I must be doing okay. Whether I answered them well enough or not remains to be seen!

One of my building possibilities exited the building today. The larger of the two buildings needed to have a power pole put up so power could be restored to the building and the plumbing had all been removed due to pipe breakage under the cement floor. The owner informed me today that it would cost too much to fix those issues and he is going to tear the building down. Since I have been using the building as a storage unit too, this is doubly bad news.

Hopefully the caboose will still work out. It is much smaller and does not have room for storage, so I am now on a quest for suitable space for the stored stuff. Help!

I was weighing the two buildings heavily in my mind and loved the space of the larger one, but the location of the caboose is just too good. I would have still pursued the larger building if the caboose fell through though. Now I have no "fallback" building and may have to put my shop in my teeny tiny trailer, which would cut down on overhead costs, but would seriously curtail space as I would have to fit my shop into my 5x8 ft office that is already full of -- office stuff! Yikes!

It would definitely NOT be an ideal location, although everyone in town knows how to find me. Actually, I could advertise the location easily enough as we live next to the baseball field a block off the highway, but the passerby stop-ins would be seriously curtailed and I could get a lot of business from the tourist trade.

Better think about making supper!

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