Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jewelry On My Mind

Want it so bad I can taste it!
I recently attended Camp Comeca, the GPCAA creative arts camp. I was an instructor, teaching basic photographic composition. Fun! I was also able to take some classes myself, and I chose to hone my skills in an area I already work in (jewelry design). So, I took the Metals workshop and the Precious Metal Clay workshop. Cool! I came away knowing where my future lay -- and it is in PMC! I loved the metals class and I will be incorporating many things learned there into my jewelry design. However, I think my true talent lies in the PMC, with which I have so many design options, and the custom jewelry aspect of it is never ending! I made some glorious jewelry that I am very proud of and I hope to make much more of it.

Many of you know that I have been working to get a brick and mortar business open and have been in the process of applying for a loan. Today is a bleak day for me, as I have run into some glitches that may be a deal breaker, whether I can get the loan or not. I was planning to put my jewelry repair/design shop/art gallery in a cute little caboose located at the intersection of two major highways near where I live.
The problem is the cost of running utilities to that cute little caboose. Running a power line to within 100 feet is going to cost $2800 and running water and a septic tank costs another $5000, before any of this is even hooked to the caboose!
The loan board does not want to loan that kind of money for a building I don't own (can't blame them for that). I can't afford to do it myself, and the owner of the caboose doesn't want to put out that kind of money either (very understandably) after paying to move the caboose from one side of his building to the other so they can put in a new railroad overpass.
Beyond all of this, I still have to get the loan, which also won't be easy. So, right now everything is kind of on hold. I've been in this process for almost three months now (seven if you count the first building I was looking at) and it is such a letdown to be ground to a halt.
All I can do is pray, pray, pray, I guess. Any other prayers are welcome as well.
My soul is crying out to work with PMC! This would help the family finances as well. My hopes and dreams are all wrapped up in this project! I want it so badly I can taste it!

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