Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Loan Board Meets Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a "Make It or Break It" day for me. The REAP board meets concerning my loan to open the jewelry repair/design shop. My credit stinks, so I have to get the board to overlook that and see the merits of the business to both myself and the community.

Living as far from major cities as we do, there is not a repair shop within 65 miles to the south and close to 100 to the east. To the north and west we are talking several hours. The nearby shops are so swamped it takes months for repairs to be finished and the cost is high.

I don't know how many places in the state offer the services of custom-designed jewelry, but certainly no one nearby our humble town.

Most of the residents here own more than one watch so if the battery goes bad, they have another one to wear until they get somewhere to buy a battery, so the ability to just stop by the shop to pick up a watch battery would be invaluable, as would the ability to repair broken chains and clasps, size rings up and down or repair a broken mounting.

I would also offer sterling and gold filled jewelry findings, high quality focal stones and cabochons and some better quality stone and gemstone beads, which are not available within hours of here.

That is all in addition to the most fun part of all -- custom jewelry! At my shop I would have the ability to make jewelry to order, from nearly pure silver. People with large fingers who can't find ready made jewelry would be able to order their own custom pieces. Anyone wanting jewelry with their "brand" on it would be able to order just what they wanted. The ability to make custom belt buckles, belt tips and dress spurs exists as well.

Please, please, please, let the loan board see the value in this shop!

I will be praying throughout the night and I would appreciate any prayers from anyone else out there who is so inclined as well. Thanks!

If the loan is not approved, I guess I will offer the artwork, photography and jewelry I can make without electricity and machines, but it will be hard to make the rent that way.

Praying hard until then! :)

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