Saturday, May 9, 2009

Out of supplies, so writing tutorials

I can't just sit around and do nothing, so since I am out of wire, I have been playing with craft wire and my camera and working up tutorials. I posted three to be published at and changed another from a $4 cost to free (I didn't realize that would put it into pending status, so who knows when it will be back). Tutorials on the way include: Double Spiral Ring -- FREE!; Round and Almond Artisan Ear Wires -- FREE!; and Wire Wrapped Bead Bangle Bracelet -- $5. My Artisan "S" Hook tutorial will be free once it gets released from pending status as well.

I have posted some great new focal stones to my Etsy supply site as well. I have also lowered some prices rather drastically. Check it out at

I think I will work on some mini Prismacolor paintings for now (and more laundry and dishes, blech).

Keep creating!


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