Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Sales Today, funeral tomorrow

The fact that I had great sales today is tempered by the fact that tomorrow I attend the funeral of a friend. To make matters worse, his wife died two years ago and now their 15-year-old daughter has no parents. My heart just aches for her!
Her Daddy was one of my first friends when I served as a volunteer firefighter in the town where I used to live. He was always supportive and friendly and I was devastated when he had to quit the department for health reasons.

Aside from that sad note, today was good in that I had several really good sales and made some new friends.

I sold a Prismacolor painting pendant yesterday and then today I sold a number of items, including two PMC pieces! I also had the joy of creating a pair of earrings to match a pendant a customer picked out. I think she really enjoyed watching me make her earrings right in front of her.

I almost missed these customers, but some geocachers that showed up to find the geocache that is hidden in the caboose (outside) got to talking with me (I geocache too) and I was late getting out of the shop. Good thing, because I would have missed several good sales and talking with the woman who bought the items.

Now I have to get on the stick and make a bunch of stuff before the horse show I am taking my jewelry to next weekend. I also have a group of women coming in on Thursday. Hopefully I will make some sales there and if not, perhaps they will keep me in mind for Christmas time.

I hope to get my workbench built on Sunday and I plan to pick up a large stone block to put under the woodstove while I am in town tomorrow. It is supposed to freeze next week, so I need to get the woodstove in and get the plumbing insulated and the heat tape installed.

Okay, it is late and I was up very early this morning, so it is time for bed. Happy creating!



  1. Hi, Dawn. I'm so glad things are beginning to work out for you. Winter approaching, I'm wondering if you have thought about liability insurance? With those steel steps, even though there are hand rails, a slip is possible. You have to consider the unthinkable and the consequences. Keep up the good work. John

  2. John,

    I had liability insurance in place while I was WORKING on the place. I have double indemnity, just in case, but thanks for the heads up. I do have non-slip as well as raised bumps on the steps, and they are grounded to the caboose in case of an electrical problem or bad weather. Believe me, in this sue happy world, I have my tushy covered! :)

  3. Glad to hear you have all your ducks in row, Dawn. So often folks overlook things that ought to be obvious. John