Saturday, August 8, 2009

Open nearly a week and business is pretty good

I officially opened Monday, August 3, after a few months of hard work renovating a beat up rail caboose. The hard work paid off and the caboose actually looks pretty good.

Unfortunately, it is still really HOT, since the donated heat/air combination unit only worked when it was 70 degrees outside and froze up when it hit the 80s. Today we installed a new (used) unit given to us by our neighbors, but it only blows air, it doesn't cool. Bummer!

I had several necklace sales and an earring sale this week, as well as a custom order for a PMC ring. I also sold two watch batteries.

Not enough to make the loan payment due in a week, but not bad business for only being open five days so far!

I have several works in progress, including a hammered copper slide, a silver maple leaf pendant, tiny button earrings for young girls, and hammered copper bracelets, plus the custom ring.

I made a woven wire cross and a wire wrapped bypass onyx ring that I really like too. They are finished.

I have also started a line of jewelry I call "Grandma's Buttons" since they are made from buttons from my grandmother's collection that have been pressed into the PMC. She had some truly beautiful buttons.

The phone was finally installed, a month later. The DSL remains unhooked as of yet, and will probably stay that way for a few weeks as the tech is out of town.

So, I must now find a WORKING AC unit or risk roasting my children, and I must sell like crazy the next few days so I can make my first loan payment.

Still, all in all, I am enjoying the business and the creative juices are flowing.

Happy Creating!


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  1. So glad that at least some things are working out for you! John