Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes -- missing plumbers and electricians -- and my first one-man show

My inventory has arrived, but the plumber and electrician didn't -- so I now have all the inventory and equipment for my shop, but it is housed at my tiny trailer, because the caboose isn't even close to ready! Frustrating!

The water and sewer lines are in, the septic tank is buried and the plumber was supposed to come Friday and hook up the sink and toilet. He didn't show and didn't come over the weekend or on Monday or Tuesday. He is also supposed to help me with the missing planks in the floor. So, still a gaping hole in the floor and no bathroom. Grrrr!

The electrician was supposed to come Monday. He never showed. He didn't show yesterday either. Grrrr!

What DID show up, was the inventory -- so our tiny 2br trailer is now packed full of boxes. We can barely eat in the kitchen or sit in the living room. Exciting, but frustrating -- I want so badly to begin creating, but I have nowhere to set all this wonderful stuff up so that I can! GRRRR!

On the other hand, I got the green paint around the window covered up, and I started painting the railings on the ends red -- it adds a nice pop of color against the yellow. I'm also going to paint the door frames red. I noticed that coming from the east, you can barely see the caboose, so I have to do EVERYTHING I can to make it catch the eye from that direction.
I DID have some fun yesterday, as I got to hang my first one-man show! Yeah!
I was invited (my first invite as a solo artist) to show at the Robert Henri Museum in Cozad, NE, so I have jewelry displayed in one room and art and photography in another. Fun!

Better go, TONS of stuff to get done today!

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