Friday, June 19, 2009

State Art Conference, tornadoes, electricians and paint

I took our art guild's entries to Kearney for the state show. I got the show hung just before judging began and I never even got a chance to see the show itself. I also don't know how the judging went and if anyone from our guild received any prizes. Bummer!

I raced tornadoes and large hail from all directions on my way home with my 2-year-old son sleeping in his car seat. He was such an angel and even helped me hang the show! I am so proud of him! My daughter and hubby were enjoying a night at the rodeo together -- my little cowgirl at heart. She got to ride a horse all by herself the other day and she is SO proud!

I bought the paint for the caboose this past week and today I began the rather daunting task of painting it refreshing new colors today. With the help of my daughter I chose John Deere Yellow (much brighter than I expected -- but in a good way) and Massey-Ferguson Red (classic stop sign red) in the outdoors implement enamel they sell at ranch supply stores -- it inhibits rust, which is awesome. Actually, the colors look much like those of my Carmex tube! I got the west end of the caboose painted with the yellow this afternoon. I still need to go in with the paintbrush to get the spots the roller can't get into, but wow, what a difference! I'll take more photos tomorrow as I go along. At least I feel like I am DOING something right now. I can't decide though, if I should paint the cupola yellow like the ends or if I should just paint it red. Hmm, perhaps I could paint that portion like a flag!

I met with another electrician today -- he seemed very knowledgeable and was very nice -- I hope he has a nice low bid and an empty calendar (good luck finding both -ha!). I was supposed to meet with another, but he never showed.

The insurance man inspected the caboose today and all is well -- my first quarter of insurance is paid. I would have paid it all, but everything is coming out OVER budget, so I figured I had better just pay the minimum and go from there.

Better get to bed -- another long day of painting awaits me tomorrow!

Happy creating!

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